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About Us

NatesMovies started when I began making videos and posting them to YouTube. I got a real kick from watching people watch my stuff. Some of it funny, some of it not so funny, some of it cool, some of it so dumb. But that love of making silly YouTube videos naturally grew into a love of movies. Watching movies, talking about movies, learning about movies, and eventually making movies. I still post to YouTube on a monthly basis, and I'll still sometimes get people on the phone as they watch a new video of mine just so I can hear their reactions to certain parts. But I'm always working towards my next movie. And I got a great team behind me.

The Team

The People of NatesMovies

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CEO, Founder, Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Actor, Marketing Director, Cinematographer, Casting Director, Best Boy, etc.

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Oh, uh, yeah.. it's just me. So far. The end goal of NatesMovies is to turn it into a full fledged movie studio. Movies being released yearly, various directors making various films, several people on the payroll, and so on and so forth. Currently though, it's just me and a camera and a laptop.

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