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Life is Now (2016)

Jake Butler is bored of his life. He wishes he could just get to the part of his life where he has a career and a family. So when that’s exactly what happens, he realizes that it’s a career he doesn’t know, friends he's never met, and a family he doesn’t recognize. He learns that he can’t skip steps and still expect a completed product.

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Sarah, "My Favorite Superhero" on Amazon Prime Video

Fun story!

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Jonathan, "Life is Now" on Amazon Prime Video

Great short with a great message!

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Brianna, "Faithfulness" on Amazon Prime Video

This film is phenomenal.

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NatesMovies is a film and video production studio based out of Fargo, ND. The films and videos that have come out of the company have won multiple awards and have received over 285,000 views.

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Coming Soon to NatesMovies.

Currently there are four films in the works at NatesMovies. And while there is no timeline for the release of any of them yet, I did want to give a little bit of a teaser of one that I'm very excited about. Titled "Joy.", a comedy/drama about a family meeting grief with joy.

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