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The Fall (2022)

When I was a senior in high school I was running the 300m hurdles championship race and was about to win state when I tripped over the last hurdle, going from first to last place in a matter of seconds. What lessons could be learned from a moment like this? To find out I talk to my coach, family, and fellow competitors about what it meant to have a moment like that. We go all the way back to seventh grade and right up to the moment of... The Fall.

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Sarah, "My Favorite Superhero" on Amazon Prime Video

Fun story!

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Jonathan, "Life is Now" on Amazon Prime Video

Great short with a great message!

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Brianna, "Faithfulness" on Amazon Prime Video

This film is phenomenal.

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David, "Trapped" on YouTube

Truly unexpected


Wow, what a story!

Colleen, "The Fall" on YouTube

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NatesMovies is a film and video production studio based out of Bismarck, ND. The films and videos that have come out of the company have won multiple awards and have received over 650,000 views.

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Coming Soon to NatesMovies.

At any given time there are about four or five films I'm working on and/or thinking about working on. Right now is no different. And while I don't have a timeline for any of these projects, here's the poster for a new documentary I'm working on about hell entitled, "Whatever Happened to Hell?"

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