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As long as I can remember, I've been doodling on every piece of scrap paper I could find. If you went through my homework from any age, you'd find my drawings in the margins of just about every page. I probably drew more cartoons in social studies and math than I did in art class. Another thing I love is making people laugh. Doing anything and everything to get a chuckle. And if it's during a point when we shouldn't be laughing, well that makes it all the more funny. Tie all that together with my love for God, love for the Bible, and the fact that I'm a pastor's kid, and you get The Church Potluck.

Coming This

The Church Potluck is back this spring! Bigger, better, and more comics than the first! Full of hilarious and ridiculous cartoons including David and his secret chord and Orville Redenbacher. Keep an eye on this space for news and an official release date.

The Church Potluck is a collection of comics and cartoons that among other things, dares to ask the question, what if Big Foot stole Esau's birthright instead? This book personifies the thoughts you have sitting in church, then whisper to your neighbor to make them laugh. Each panel created with the thought: What would make this current situation hilarious and/or ridiculous?

Come hang out on Instagram: @nathanaufenkamp
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Volume 1